Combat sports purists should worry about the payout of actual fighters before worrying about the payouts of Youtubers

A faceoff between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul (

Former UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley recently signed a contract to fight Youtuber- turned professional boxer Jake Paul in a professional bout that would take place on August 28th as a Showtime PPV. In his previous fight, Paul took on Ben Askren, a former UFC and Bellator fighter and a former Olympic wrestler. These credentials, however, proved to be of no help as Askren was TKO’d in the first round by Jake Paul. A section of people on the internet called it…

One tweet or video can boost or plummet the prices of crypto stocks. Volatile yet in-demand, what to expect as a cryptocurrency investor.

Faith of the finances invested into Dogecoin relies heavily on Elon Musk’s Twitter (

Elon Musk recently appeared as a guest-host in an episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, which is one of the most popular comedy sketch shows in the history of American television. In a segment of this show, Dogecoin, which is a cryptocurrency created by two software engineers as a joke but has gained considerable momentum, especially after endorsements from Musk himself, was referred to as a “hustle” by Musk, which was a clever attempt to replicate the…

Akshat Gautam

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